“ThermalTight is one panel that controls water, air, and thermal—all while allowing vapor to pass so the building can dry. It simplifies good building science.”

——————————————     John Brooks, President, BRINC Building Products

This is the Future of Continuous Insulation

ThermalTight™ combines two essential building envelope materials into one, easy-to-install panel: Neopor® GPS semi-vapor permeable rigid insulation by BASF, and a high-performance WRB laminated to the exterior of the panel, that acts as both a water and air barrier.

The self-gasketing, vapor permeable WRB features a patent-pending flap system to eliminate the “reverse shingle” common with panel systems that require taping on top of seams. By adhering it to the outside of the rigid foam, ThermalTight™ creates one of the most effective air & water barriers for the building envelope.

The different vapor permeability of the layers help manage moisture flow, allowing the wall to dry at a controlled rate. Installed with ThermalBuck, the high-performance window buck, the ThermalTight™ System eliminates thermal bridging in the wall assembly.

ThermalTight™ makes it possible to manage Water – Air – Vapor + Thermal all in one panel, with one less trip around the building envelope.

ThermalTight-AssemblyThe ThermalTight™ System

The ThermalTight™ System makes it easier to build better, with a wall system that solves the challenge of building airtight, watertight, continuously insulated to limit thermal bridging, and designed to stay dry – while ensuring a simple, labor-saving installation process.

Backed by a 15 year warranty, the components include: ThermalTight, ThermalBuck, BRINC Flashing Tape, BRINC Flexible Flashing Tape, BRINC Double Sided Tape, DAP® DYNAFLEX 800 sealant and DAP® DRAFTSTOP 812 spray foam.

Learn more about the ThermalTight™ System components here.

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ThermalTight™ Panels & Corresponding ThermalBuck™ Sizes

ThermalTight™ panels are available in 4′ x 8′, 4 x 9′, and 4 x 10′. 

  • 1-1/16″  (R5)    ThermalTight  & 1.0″ (R4.4) or 1.5″ (R6.6) ThermalBuck with strapping
  • 1-1/2″    (R7)    ThermalTight  & 1.5″ or 2.0″ (R8.8) ThermalBuck with strapping
  • 2-1/8″  (R10)   ThermalTight   & 2.0″ or 2.5″ (R11) ThermalBuck with strapping

Water – Air – Vapor + Thermal

Building Science experts have proven that there need to be four control layers in every wall: Water, Air, Vapor, and Thermal.

Effective wall systems rely on good design, craftsmanship, AND simplified installation techniques to achieve their desired performance. If it’s too complicated to execute, it isn’t going to work. Each ThermalTight™ panel has the 4 essential control layers in one building material, making it easier to achieve performance goals.

Learn more about the importance of moisture management, and managing the rate of vapor drive here


ThermalTight™: How it works

The self-gasketing, vapor-permeable WRB features an innovative patented flap system used to seal the panels together, creating an excellent water & air barrier. The Neopor® semi-permeable GPS insulation delivers the highest true R-value performance over time (R 4.7 per inch), and contains no blowing agents—making it one of the greenest rigid insulation materials.

ThermalTight™ integrates with ThermalBuck™, for a completely thermally broken wall. The flaps on each panel are sealed on the underside with BRINC double-sided tape. Rough openings, penetrations, and outside corners are sealed with BRINC flashing tape.

Learn more about how the components of ThermalTight™ create a high-performance wall assembly here


Ideal Building Science + Ease of Installation

Water management is the main purpose of the WRB. Good building science shows that the best placement for the WRB is to the exterior of the insulation, where it can manage bulk water at the outer surface, providing better protection for the entire wall assembly. But installation over the exterior insulation was never easy.

ThermalTight makes it easier to build better, because the WRB is laminated (with a vapor permeable adhesive) to the exterior of the Neopor® GPS rigid insulation panels, allowing for both optimum performance AND ease of installation.

Take a look at detailed photo steps for how to install ThermalTight & ThermalBuck  here